“Empower Your Life” for 2008!

What? Motivational Training

For Whom? YOU!!! (Businesspeople, Management, Staff, Job Seekers)

By Whom? DreamMakers International Ltd (DMI), a Singapore-based company specializing in Human Resource Development with years of experience and great Cambodian trainers and Singaporean mentor exposed to South-East Asia

– Increase chances in job applications, career development, business success by building up the right attitude (self-confidence, creativity, responsibility, leadership, team spirit…)
– Identify your own strengths and weaknesses
– Map your own life and career
– Experience the latest training methodology and program
– Find exciting job opportunities with DMI
– Network with people from various backgrounds
– Credit yourself with international certification
– And more!

When? January 05 and 06, 2008 (Saturday and Sunday) – 08h00 am to 06h00 pm
Two Days for 16 hours/ Deadline for registration and special fees: December 28th, 2007

Where? For more inquiries or registration, please visit DMI office at #62, St.200, Phnom Penh (Behind South of French Cultural Center), from 01h30 pm to 06h30 pm, Monday to Friday. (Please see the map in Contact Us.) You can also contact 012 684 955 or dmihrd@gmail.com or go to http://www.sithendmi.wordpress.com.

How? Adults: willing to learn new things and challenge themselves beyond excuses.

Are You Ready to Start your New Year with us Now???


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