Empower Your Life – Reloaded – 1st Preview, Feb. 03rd

Do you lack self-confidence?

Do you wish to develop your creativity?

Is leadership important to your career and business?

Are you looking to manage your time and work-life balance?

The merrier, the more willing!Sharing Session
If you meet such personal challenges, we’d like to invite you to our special Preview Motivational Training: “Empower Your Life” (self-empowerment) on
Sunday, February 03rd, 2008, from 01h00 pm to 07h00 pm (six hours).

This event will be held at Royal Palace Hotel (East of Psar Daem Kor Market) and most welcome job seekers, staff, executives, management and businesspeople or those who want to outstand from the crowd. It is also designed to respond to the overwhelming demand of the participants of our previous training(s) so their friends, family and colleagues could enjoy the same life-changing benefits.

Against the powerful speeches by our experienced Singaporean mentor and guest speakers, educational processes, free snacks and opportunity to network with your potential partners or customers, you are required to pay an admission fee of $ 25 (Twenty Five) per person. Seats are limited!

For registration, please visit DMI office at #62, St.200, Phnom Penh (South of French Cultural Center), from 01h30 pm to 06h30 pm, Monday to Friday.  (Please see the map below.) You can also contact 012 684 955 or dmihrd@gmail.com. To find out more about us, please go to www.sithendmi.wordpress.com.

Trust yourself and give it

a try NOW!

For more details on the Training Contents, please click here:Tentative Preview Contents-Feb.03-2008


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