DMI Khmer New Year – 2008

DMI Khmer New Year – 2008 Party
Your Highlight of the Year 
Organizer: DMI Ltd (Singapore-based HRD Company)
Hosts: Mr. Thomas How (Singaporean Business Mentor) & Mr. Sum Sithen (Motivational Trainer)
          Celebrate Khmer New Year in DMI way;
          Expand your network with DMI Cohorts & other people;
          Upgrade yourself with positive mental attitude;
          Learn more about/from DMI and her (experienced) alumni 
Participants: Pioneer Cohort, Cohort I, II, III and YOU (students, job seekers, staff, professionals, businesspeople)! Reserved for 60 people.
Venue: DMI Office, #62, St. 200, Phnom Penh
Dress: casual/informal/partyContribution: $5 per person (snack & drink included). Please pay to confirm attendance before April 05th.
Event Date: Sunday, April 06th, 2008, from 04h00 pm to 09h00 pm
 Pioneers to be met at the party!Cohort ICohort IIto be identified at the party!
DMI Alumni, please click here to download your Agenda: Agenda-Alumni
Non-DMI Alumni, pleaase click here to download your Agenda:Agenda-non-Alumni


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