What Makes an Entrepreneur?

“Do you want to be your own boss?” Most of you would answer “Yes”. Simple. But how are you going to become that someone? Not so easy. There are many challenges to overcome. Yet, to me, it is worth a while to venture out as an entrepreneur.

In order to run your business, you must be good with numbers and people.

Why numbers?

Because if you fail to control your money, it will control you.

How to be good with numbers?

Take great care of your financial assets. Focus on cost minimization and profit maximization. Is that enough? When there are decent profits, save some and invest the rest in other parts of your business and even in other businesses. Hey, sounds like you become money-minded, right? Not really, successful entrepreneurs learn to give back to the society. Believe it or not, it’s financially and spiritually returnable to contribute out of your heart!

Why people?

Entrepreneurs can start up a business alone with little or not money at all. “YOU” factor or your IDEA must come first. When it comes to growth, staff or partners play a very crucial role to move things forwards for and with you. Then some skills should be found and developed.

How to be good with people?

Check with yourself if these attributes lie in you already:

Vision of the big future

Conception of an unprecedented, yet profitable idea

Willingness to learn from the mistakes and be coached by experienced mentors

Courage to take action

Quick decision-making

Tolerance to calculated risks

Creativity and problem-solving skills

Sound communication and networking skills

Effective leadership

Though basic it may be, the list can be extended. You may have some skills already. Yet, there remain more to develop. Quite often, this lack of skills becomes “fear” and stops budding entrepreneurs from achieving what they want. Do you want to control that “fear”? Find a place where you can transform your “fear” into your “strengths.” When you’re comfortable with who you really are and how you spend your money, you increase chances to become successful entrepreneurs.

“A dream that you don’t fight for can haunt you for the rest of your life.”Robots


Contributed by Sum Sithen

Featured in G21 Magazine (January-February): http://www.g21mag.com.



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