Be the Master of Your Destiny

“When the ego directs the mind, it binds us to materiality and to a life in bondage. When the ego is fought and shackled, it helps the mind to become unbound and be free. He who is controlled by his ego becomes a slave (to his desire and attachments). He who strives to become egoless, begins to control the mind and thereby becomes the master of his destiny!”

-Dato’ Vijay Eswaran

If you want to be successful, you must learn to be the master of your destiny. Remember that success isn’t handed to you. You become successful because you make the changes and take the necessary steps. By living your life with a purpose you can achieve greater meaning and learn to make smarter decisions.

You are guaranteed to encounter many challenges along the way but you must not lose focus on managing your destiny. You’re at this place because of the choices you made. Learn from them and the challenges will be easier to overcome.

5 Key Ways to Control Your Destiny

  1. Live your destiny every day. Learn by example from the people you respect and admire.
  2. Remember that your destiny is an extension of yourself, so start with yourself and expand outward in your daily actions.
  3. If you want be the best at what you do professionally, you must be ready to commit and sacrifice things that are not important.
  4. Work Smarter. Every successful person works this way.
  5. True character is revealed in the most stressful situations. Treat others well even in your most dire circumstance. Remember that respect and dignity are the best currencies.

The fulfilment of your destiny requires actions and results. A lack of direction always leads to a hollow life, so approach each day with a plan, and you’ll be able to control your destiny.

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