The Value of Self-Reflection

A Greek philosopher once said “An unexamined life is not worth living”.

Self reflection is the time we take out in our daily life to reflect on ourselves. We need to self reflect on our weaknesses, strengths, habits, our relationships and how we deal with other people in our lives.

Let’s look at some tools that can help us reflect on our knowledge and resources. Developing a habit of positive self reflection can improve your productivity and constructive actions.

It also improves your chances of being successful.

Transform Your Thinking
Your thinking can maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. The art of self reflection is the innate ability to look inside your self and to act accordingly.

It is not self criticism.

It must be a positive activity bringing you closer to your true self and enhancing your natural characteristics. You can achieve any goal you set out to achieve if you reflect upon and rehearse it in your mind beforehand.

Positive reinforcement and visualization can aid your success.

Athletes use this technique where they visualize their chosen goal and reinforce this with disciplined training. Before you succeed in doing anything you should believe in it, to prepare for achieving it.

Source: Internet

In our DMI training, Level1, this self-reflection technique is termed “Mind Mapping” which takes only 30 minutes per day. But by doing this everyday, you can control your next 23 hours and a half. Wanna experience this? Come and register in our upcoming training NOW.


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