New Preview Training: June 08th, 2008

DreamMakers International presents to you yet another powerful Preview Training

Pictures of EYL2 & EYL3-P1
Event Date: Sunday, June 08th, 2008, from 01 pm to 07h pm (Six Hours) Our main speaker, chief trainer and mentor
Speaker: Mr. Thomas How (Singaporean Experienced Business Mentor)
Organizer: DMI Ltd (Singapore-based HRD Company)
Venue: Royal Palace Hotel (near Phsar Daem Kor Market), Phnom Penh
Participants: Students, Job Seekers, Professionals, Corporate Staff, Businesspeople
Admission: Actual Price: US$ 50.00 per person
Special Price: US$ 25.00 per person (including snacks). Seats are limited!
Registration: Please contact 012 684 955 or For more information, please visit or our office, #62, St.200, Phnom Penh. Deadline for registration: June 06th, 2008.
“The training has waken me up from a long sleep” – Sophat, Senior Sales Executive.
“The training has re-affirmed WHO I AM really” – Samneang, University Student.
“If only I had known DMI years ago…” – Vanna, Teaching Assistant.
Wanna know what other people say about us, please go to our Testimonials.

Please click here to download our training contents: training contents-eyl3-p2


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