Career Forum 2008

Event Title: Career Forum 2008
Organizer: CCFC (Chambre de Commerce Franco-Cambodgienne/French-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce) (
Time: 09h am to 07h pm
Date: Saturday and Sunday, June 14th and 15th, 2008
Venue: Mondial Center
Admission: FREE of charge
Participants: Over 20 Exhibitors (Companies, NGOs, Universities/Institutes, HR Companies)
Advantages: Find exciting and challenging job opportunities, receive career advice, network with potential employers and other leads, learn about job varieties, test yourself in simulations (CV writing, interviews, etc.)
Contact: Mr. KUN Sothy, Communication Officer, 016 655 450
La Chambre de Commerce Franco-Cambodgienne, Bureau #13, Cambodiana Hotel,
Tel/Fax: 023 221 453, H/P: 012 801 950, Email:
Hope to see you guys then:) (DMI may be featured in this career next year!)

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