“Empower Your Life”-Cohort 3

DreamMakers International presents to you another Experiential Training

“Empower Your Life” – Full Version (Cohort 3)

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Benefits: Maximize your potential strengths; manage your time; improve your leadership; map your own life; develop business mindset; network with different people; enhance productivity and performance; and much more!

Event Date: Saturday and Sunday, June 28th and 29th, 2008, from 08 am toMentor, Trainer, Facilitator

06 pm (Two Days for Sixteen Hours)

Mentor: Mr. Thomas How (Singaporean with over thirty years of business experience)

Organizer: DMI Ltd (Singapore-based HRD Company)

Venue: Royal Palace Hotel (near Phsar Daem Kor Market), Phnom Penh

Participants: Students, Job Seekers, Professionals (especially in Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Training), other Corporate Staff, Management, Businesspeople

Admission: For 40 people only. These prices include lunches and a special six-week follow-up program.

Actual Price: US$ 199 per person (from June 22nd to 26th)

Special Price: US$ 189.00 per person (from June 11th to 21st only)

Registration: Please contact 012 684 955 or dmihrd@gmail.com. For more information, please visit www.sithendmi.wordpress.com or our office #62, St.200, Phnom Penh. Deadline for registration: June 26th, 2008.

To view our training contents, please click here: training_contents_eyl_cohort3

What Our Participants Say:


“I regret not attending this training earlier”Ottie, Nursing Head.

“I’ve learnt the secret of lifelong success in this training”Pisey, Project Coordinator.

“A training that will set your attitude on the right track” Sokha, IT Manager.


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