Go For Your Big Dreams

Remember when you were a kid and felt you could set the world on fire? Millionaire? Sure. Movie star? Of course! Doctor? Easy. Best-selling author? No problem. World traveler? Start packing.

So what happened? Where are you now? Are you living the life you thought you’d lead? Unfortunately, life has a way of knocking the stuffing out of our highest hopes and biggest dreams…if we let it! Most people have lost the sparkle in their eye and the fire in their heart. They’ve lost their passion and allowed their lives to become a faint glimmer of the vibrant vision they once had for themselves. They’ve committed the great sin of the spirit and settled for a life of mediocrity.

The main reason most of us lose our dreams is not because our desire has waned, but because of fear. “I don’t have the money, I don’t have the time, it’s too late, I don’t know for sure if I can do it.” All of these reasons are nothing but the excuses of a fear and lack based protective mind. There is a saying in life, that we either have “reasons or results.”

It’s time to take back your power; time to think big once again; time to rekindle your greatest dreams. Dreams that excite you, dreams that impassion you, dreams that force you to break the bonds of “mediocrity”; reach your fullest potential and become the “ultimate you.”

by T. Harv Eker

At DMI, we will give you back the power to get back to your dreams and tips on how to achieve it. It’s never too late to change your life. Now is the best time to do it. Come and join us in our upcoming event.


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