New Features on Our Site

Dear Visitor,

Thanks for visiting us online. For your information, on our site, we have just added in new features to make it more convenient and interactive with valuable visitors like you. Here are some new items you may need to bear in mind:

1- Online Registration: This new page is designed for those who stay far from our office, but wish to register in our event over Internet from their place. It is placed under Contact Us and available on this link:

2- Tell Your Friend about This Web Site: This feature is meant for those who wish to share out our web pages with their friends or colleagues. It’s because we understand that there may something catchy here so you can’t wait to recommend it to people around you. You can find it right at the bottom of the sidebar of our site. Just click on it or this link:, insert your friend’s email address. And they’re just one click away from DMI, the HR Developers!

3- FAQ: We also realize that some of you may not know all about DMI. So we purposely created this page, under Contact Us, ( to respond to virtually all your inquiries. Some common questions are already answered there. If you have other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

4- Success Stories: Actually, this page, found under Portfolio, has been around for a while. But in case you didn’t pay attention to it, make sure you go there or to this link: and find out why more & more people become so inspired by our training(s). You may be one of them featured on that page after attending our event. Who knows?

Should you have any comments about our web site, please feel free to let us know. Your feedback will help us improve our service for you.


DMI Team


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