Too Busy to Be Afraid

A man who saved 6 lives from a burning building by returning each time, when asked if he was afraid, replied, “I was too busy to be afraid”.

by Thomas How

“Hey, Sithen, are you nuts? You call that short sentence a story?”, you might exclaim. Well, though brief it may look, the morale is that fears, once challenged face-to-face, will POWER you up! Anger like fear fills an empty mind. But once fear or rage has walked in, you are in its control and you freeze or flee. However, if you face it, it FREES you. Another thing we learn is a compelling reason. If our reason to achieve something is strong enough, then, all the facts or obstacles are not so frightening to us any more. As one of entrepreneurs said, “IF YOUR DREAM IS BIG ENOUGH, THE FACTS DON’T COUNT.”


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