“Empower Your Mind (1): Such an Eye Opener”

Do you believe that we cannot succeed without support of other people? This is what one of our participant expressed whole-heartedly during our last six-hour training on September 14th. It’s also the characteristic of this course: networking and opening doors of opportunities!

Apart from individual participation, we welcome professionals and businesspeople from such industries as trading, winery, technology, real estate. Below are some of the feedback we collected from our participants.

“The best, compared to any University subject I’ve learnt” – Bun Phearith, Real Estate Agent.

“The training helps me to grow my business” – Castro F. Osemeka, (Nigerian) CEO.

“Excellent! Wish the session took longer” – Kong Kunthearith, Sales Manager.

“Great chance for me to expand my business network” – Leng Kerry, Quality Supervisor.

[rockyou id=122792243&w=600&h=450]

Many of them ended up registering in our upcoming actual training on November 22nd and 23rd. What about you?

PS: Many thanks for Challengers who contributed whole-heartedly to make this event another success.


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