Tips to Create a Biz Blog

How many of you are running business? How many of you know about “blog“? How many of you know how to use “blog” for your business? I was amazed that, in an IT event, very few people raised their hands up for this last question. Here are some simple steps for you to create a business blog.

1 – Know about your biz: mission, vision, services/products, activities.

2 – Write about your biz: type those elements in Word or texts.

3 – Surf on competitor or similar web sites: to gain an overview of what your blog should look like.

4 – Benchmark from them: to emulate their best practices and avoid their flaws.

5 – Sign in a blog site and design your blog: e.g.,, and many others.

6 – Update your blog with contents, posts, news: to get visitors to stay attached with your site!

7 – Encourage people to visit your blog: marketing (through friends, emails, events, leaflets, stickers…). It’s all because your blog is created to promote awareness and eventually sales for your business. So the more people visit your business online, the more likely they buy your products/services.

8 – Add features: subscribe (to update visitors of news by email), tell friends (to let them refer the leads to your blog), forum (to make your blog even more interactive and dynamic), online store (to ease distant transaction)… These features are not usually available in blog sites themselves. However, you can ask them for help by searching for what you want in their support section.

9 – Maintain it: by regularly watching your statistics of visits. (Some blog sites may not give you this option.)

The fact that you’re reading this article means you’re already visiting part of my blog. The only inconvenience of blog is that you’re not allowed to customize it as much as you can do over a web site. The blog phenomenon is relatively new, yet cost-efficient and easy to use and link up over Internet. No time to lose. Go and blog your business now!

For your information, is not just a blog for business, but also about business. Pick up some business ideas or attributes in our article categories or, at best, attend our training!

by Sum Sithen

Business Development Manager



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