Wealth File #12

Rich people think “both.”

Poor people think “either/or.”

Rich people live in a world of abundance. Poor people live in a world of scarcity. Of course, both live in the same physical world, but the difference is in their perspective. Poor and middle-class people come from scarcity. They live by mottos such as “There’s only so much to go around,” “There’s never enough,” and “You can’t have everything.” And although you may not be able to have everything, as in all the things in the world, I do think you can certainly have “everything you really want.”

Do you want a successful career or a close relationship with your family? Both!

Do you want to focus on business or have fun and play? Both!

Do you want money or meaning in your life? Both!

Do you want to earn a fortune or do work that you love? Both!

Poor people always choose one, rich people choose… Both!

by T. Harv Eker

To think both is ok. How to get both? This is the question you may seriously ask! Well, at DMI, we equip you with a new mindset that will help you achieve both. The real question is how badly do you want both?? We’ll show you the way in our upcoming training.


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