Empower Your Life – Cohort IV (rescheduled)

Empower Your Life

(Cohort IV)

for your




Team Spirit


Time Management

Money Management

Life Planning

Business Mindset

New Training Experience

Networking Opportunity

& much more!!!

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Event Date: Saturday and Sunday, December 06th and 07th, 2008 (Two Days for approximately Sixteen hours)

Speaker: Mr. Thomas How (Singaporean Experienced Business Mentor with over thirty years of business and training experience)

Organizer: DMI Ltd (Singapore-based HRD Company)

Venue: Royal Palace Hotel (#93, St. 217 [Munireth Blvd], Phsar Daem Kor,

Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh, [near Phsar Daem Kor Market])

Participants: Job Seekers, Professionals, Corporate Staff, Businesspeople or those in need of success concepts

Who should attend it?

0- Those who already attended our preview and wish to deepen the effects of our training

1- Those who wish to get promoted or advance in career

2- Those who are starting business or wish to start up business

3- Those who wish to improve their relationship with other people (friends, family, colleagues, staff)

4- Those who read motivational books, but don’t really know how to apply the secrets of success

Admission: US$ 150.00 per person (One Hundred Fifty Dollars) (Special Price, valid till November 30th only)

US$ 199.00 per person (One Hundred Ninety Nine Dollars) (Original Price, valid from December 01st to 04th)

Seats are limited to only 40 participants!

Registration: Please contact 012 684 955 or 015 226 602 or dmihrd@gmail.com. For more information, please visit www.dmihrd.wordpress.com or our office at #62, St.200, Phnom Penh. Deadline for registration: December 04th, 2008.

What Our Participants Say about the Training…

“The training was so exciting that I don’t know how to find the right words to describe how valuable and priceless it is… And everyone MUST ATTEND THIS COURSE!” – Ith Helen, General Manager, Moly Care

“The training changed my entire life… Now I realize that TOMORROW NEVER COMES: I GO TO IT… I should have met Thomas earlier” – Teav Bandol, Lecturer, RULE

“It instills in me stronger commitment and a new hope I’ve never had before… I’m going to use DMI lessons to direct my children…” – Mey SoTheavy, Accountant, AAP

Please click this link to download our training contents: EYL4-CONTENTS


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