Business and Friendship Party

Event Title: Business & Friendship Party
Event Type: Social Networking & Business & Job Matching
Organizer: Chhuon Pheakdey
Participants: YOU!
Date: Saturday, 29th, November, 2008
Venue: Family Soup ( next to Sisowath High School)
Admission: US$5 to 10.00 (Five to Ten Dollars) per person.

1. Build up friendship

2. Improve networks of friends

3. Match businesses between buyers and sellers; jobs between employers and employees; and, why not, loving couples!

4. Enhance our lost relationship with some of our friends

5. Enjoy some FREE gifts as a token of our friendship

6. Job Announcement (Sales Executive & Project Assistant in IDG)

Contact: Mr. Chhuon Pheakdey (CamPhil member, DMI Cohort 1) at 012 782 684 / 011 215 168

I have already confirmed my name in this useful event. Have you?:)

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