Empower Your Life (4): Multi-national & Multi-emotional Event

If you have already attended or just heard of “Empower Your Life” training before, you may think we may have done the same with Cohort 4. Think again because, last Weekend (Dec. 06 & 07), DMI has impacted three nations (Cambodian, Vietnamese, Nigerian) with our life-changing processes, regardless of special formulas of money management. Below is what they’ve learned from our training.

” If people never attend the training with DMI, they will never know the SECRETS OF SUCCESS AND RICH MIND. …Very recommended for everyone who want to CHANGE their lives.” – Heng Phan, IT Supervisor, Sciaronni & Associates.

“I now know how to tap into the source of MY INNER POWER, which I’ve never discovered before this training…” – Duong Ngoc Thac, Businessman & Inventor, Vietnam.

“I now realize the POWER OF WORDS and TIME and learn how to CONTROL MY FEAR…” – Kin ChanMaly, Assistant Finance Manager, Save Cambodia’s Wildlife.

“The training literally TRANSFORMED me into a new person… and revealed my SELF-WORTH and MONEY MANAGEMENT techniques to me.” – Yeun Sopheak, Customer Service Officer, PTC

“Before I didn’t COMMUNICATE well with my staff, nor paid ATTENTION to what people say. This training has shown me the right way to DEAL WITH PEOPLE.” – Castro Festus Osemeka, CEO, CAO Import & Export

[rockyou id=128311778&w=426&h=320]

When is your turn to master the secrets of success and happiness? Now or never? Please stay tuned with us for our upcoming events, especially designed to empower your new year!


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