New DMI Training: “The Secrets of The Rich” (1)

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– Mastering the art of being rich and wealthy;

– Starting up business with no or little money;

– Creating multiple streams of income;

– Moving up your career ladder fast;

– Empowering your leadership;

– Becoming super performers;

– And much more than expected…!


How to define and follow a proven life plan;

– How to optimize your five powerful senses;

– How to master your mind and power up your success;

– How to capitalize and maximize your network & resources;

– How to build up your ability to see beyond and make it happen;

– How to control, manage, and invest your wealth for passive income.

Mentor: Mr. Thomas How (Singaporean trainer), with thirty years of business and marketing experience. Mr. Thomas How

He has trained and guided countless participants into success. Their testimonials are as follows:

“The BEST, compared to the University years I’ve spent” – Bun Phearith, Real Estate Agent.

“The training gives me IDEAS to grow my business.” – Castro F. Osemeka, (Nigerian) CEO.

“EXCELLENT & POWERFUL! Wish the session took longer” – Kong Kunthearith, Sales Manager.

“Great chance to EXPAND my business skills & network” – Kerry Leng, Quality Supervisor.

“The amount of KNOWLEDGE from DMI far exceeds what I had paid” – Tuot Sopheak, Trainer.

“Though short, it explodes INTENSELY into my mind” – Sun Sovanna, Sales Supervisor.

“It makes me so CONFIDENT to achieve more” – Tann Sophea, Head of Valuation Dep’t.

“The training is beyond price and a MUST for everyone” – Ith Helen, Business Owner.

Venue: Royal Palace Hotel (#93, St. 217 [Munireth Blvd], Phsar Daem Kor, Phnom Penh)

Date: Sunday, 25 January 2009 (09 am – 07 pm: Snacks provided)

Price: US$ 99 per person (Usual Price)

Special Discounts for Early Registration!!!

Training Materials & Translation included.

Information: Please contact Sithen 012 684 955 / 015 226 602 or or visit or our office #62, St.200, Boeung Raing, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh.


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