DMI New Year Party 2009: “Coming back home…”

While New Year countdown is excitingly getting started, we, at DMI, had the honor to gather our graduates at the same place and time last Sunday at PizzaWorld Kampuchea Krom Boulevard. Apart from getting to know each other, the party was marked with enthusiastic sharings of all graduates.

“I’ve become very confident to get a job” – Khat Sophea, GMIT, Cambodia Breverage.

“I can control my fear to speak in front of people now” – Soeur Seyha, IT Manager, Inter Mohosot.

“Although I attended DMI training for the second time, I’ve still learned many valuable lessons for my career” – Tuot Sopheak, Secretary Trainer, PSE.

“DMI trainings work like magic to my life: I dared to start up my business without money” – Tiv Chandeth, Businesswoman, IP.

[rockyou id=129681552&w=426&h=320]

And many more powerful testimonials keep flowing on that memorable day. We also found our DreamMakers of the year, who have contributed the most to our trainings within 2008: Udom and Vanna. To spice up the event, Mr. Thomas How even shared with all attendees a portion of “The Secrets of the Rich”. Mary Bird, our youngest graduate, kindly showed her most electrifying performances! And at the end of the event, everybody realized that it was MORE THAN A PARTY!

Stay tuned for our upcoming party on April 2009.

*At the end of the event, everybody was offered a powerful New Year’s gift – either one motivational book “The Secrets of the Millionaire”* or one inspirational audio CD “Seven Steps to Financial Freedom”*. These materials are now available for sale at DMI. Please contact Sithen (012 684 955 or 015 226 602) to get a copy to kick-start your New Year right!


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