How to Achieve Your Dreams for 2009!

1- “The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker, American motivational speaker

This inspirational book will reveal to you:

– The characteristics of rich, middle-class and poor people

– What stops people from getting rich

– How to adopt or develop rich mindset

– How to manage your money

– Why we need to be rich

– The true essence of wealth

– Practical exercise attached with each chapter

* Personal guidance or consultancy by DMI upon request!

Original Price: US$ 98.00 per copy

DMI Price: US$ 09.99 per copy

Discounts for gross order!

2- “Seven Steps to Financial Freedom” by Adam Khoo, Singaporean motivational trainer

This motivational audio CD will help you discover:

– The secrets of a young self-made millionaire

– What really matters in life success

– How to triple your income

– Practical steps to follow to achieve your financial goals

– Interactive exercise on track

* Personal guidance or consultancy by DMI upon request!

Original Price: US$ 19.00 per disc

DMI Price: US$ 05.99 per disc

Discounts for gross order!

3- “The Secrets of the Rich” by Thomas How

This ten-hour intensive training will allow you to:

– Master the art of being rich and wealthy;

– Start up business with no or little money;

– Create multiple streams of income;

– Move up your career ladder fast;

– Empower your leadership;

– Become super performers;

– Align your understanding from motivational material with real experience;

– And much more than expected…!

Actual Price: US$ 99 per person

Special Price: up to 50% discounts for early registration!

Please click here for more details. For your information, those who register in the training will be offered the book or audio CD mentioned above FREE OF CHARGE!

Are you ready for your success? Contact Sithen now at 012 684 955 or 015 226 602 to get these beneficial offers for yourself or your loved ones!

Quote: “Keep your fears to yourself, but share your inspiration with others.” Robert Louis Stevenson, writer


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