Quality Training for Quality People!

The Secrets of the Rich (1): Quality Training for Quality People”

“Very long ago, there was a little boy who was looking for ways and means to feed himself as he didn’t want to cause more burden to his widow mother of 8 children. While noticing an old man selling doorbells from house to house, he thought he could do the same and even make it better…” That was how our new training was started… This story was inspiring enough to make our participants believe that everything is possible and all it takes is our burning desire and strong self-belief. The truth is that little boy is Mr. Thomas How, our trainer himself!

Exposed to many eye-opening secrets, our participants from working-class people to businesspeople evaluate our last training as such:

“Great thanks, DMI, for existing in Cambodia” – Sman Manan, General Manager, CityCat.

“I’ve learned priceless strategies to ‘kill’ my procastination” – Chan Sitthear, Dean of English Department, IIC.

“I used to think, to start business, we need money. But, from the training, I admit that business starts with our mind” – Kao Sokdeth, Project Assistant, COSECOM.

“The training showed me valuable keys to personal and business development” – Vong Visith, Director, Great Builder.

[rockyou id=132058992&w=426&h=320]

Many of them ended up looking forwards to our Level 2 training. Here comes another chance for you to benefit from the same training, which is on March 08th. Make sure you stay tuned to our web site and enjoy our Valentine’s promotion!


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