A Mentor is the First Step

Surrounding yourself with supportive people who don’t drain your energy is important no matter what you’re trying to accomplish in life, whether it’s building a business or raising children.

Attracting the right people into your life is like having the right teammates on a football team; you’re all focused on the same goal of winning in life.

Just like a football team needs a coach before it can succeed, you should start by finding a mentor. Someone who inspires you and is in a stage of life or business that you want to be in someday. If this person doesn’t offer formal mentoring or coaching, ask them if they’d consider it. Maybe you can offer a bartering

When you have a mentor you have access to their network of colleagues and acquaintances. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself meeting new people who can help take you to new levels of success and contentment.

Also, simply observing the type of people your mentor associates with will help inspire you and guide you as you choose new friends.

by Noel Jones

Our upcoming training will help you as you seek and learn from a mentor.I have found him already and I’m convinced he can also mentor you if you’re willing to pay the price and learn from this great man.


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