Are You Building Community?

It is critical to establish yourself in your hometown. Get to know the people who live and work in your area on a personal basis. If they have a problem, become their problem solver by offering a solution.

By taking care of those in close vicinity to you, they in turn will help spread the good word about you and will become your sales staff.

Gradually build your base outward expanding both the area which you cover and the market which you help. Keep a check on the level of commitment to your business of solving the problems of others and be respectful at all times.

Keep duplicating your processes that work well so that as you move into newer areas, good word of mouth will continue to spread and will precede your entry into those areas.

When you change your mindset from “It’s tough out there” to “What can I do to help others?” you will find good word of mouth will spread about you and will become a part of your marketing plan.

As you take on this change of attitude, more people than ever will be appreciative of your help and will begin selling for you. You will begin to attract a much wider audience and sales will come more quickly and easily with the help of everyone around you.

by Elinor Stutz

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