DMI and Good Governance


What does DMI have to do with Good Governance? Well, all businesses are regulated by the government. So as its citizens, we have full rights to claim and exercise regarding openness, transparency, accountability, responsiveness to our demands.


That was the core message of the last OYG Camp, I personally took pride to participate in, on behalf of DMI, last weekend. However, this camp in Mondulkiri went beyond this by involving all their 150 participants to understand more about life and team spirit through good and hard times. Guess what? We chose to stay in tent, not in bed, as we normally do while on trip! The rain couldn’t even stop us from moving on!

 [rockyou id=134461006&w=426&h=320]


Perhaps the best part of this trip was the group discussion and challenge for their relevancy in the society. The winning group won some amount of budget, which they’ll use to realize their project, according to their study and commitment. What an experiential incentive! Likewise, at DMI, we focus on involvement and application, rather than a mere blast of energy or hope. Graduates who are committed to our trainings understand this best!


For your reminder, our Level 1 upcoming training is on 22nd. You may need to encourage your friends to attend it as we will conduct perhaps a last round of training on May 10th. That said, the Level 2 training – now delayed to June 06th and 07th – won’t be conducted until there’s a minimum of 20 people by late May. Also please be informed DMI trainings will be suspended from July to August for some internal reasons.


Stay tuned for updates…





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