“The Secrets of the Rich (2): Elaborate and considerate”

While many people spent last Sunday relaxing, there were people from various backgrounds, who invested it with our unprecedented course. While poor and rich people have most in common physically, their difference lies in their mindset or attitude. At the end of the training, our participants understand more about themselves and how they can adopt rich mindset with our awakening secrets.


They also mentioned their encouraging feedback about our training as such:


“I feel like I have a new life” – Uon Salee, National Sales Manager, Anco Brothers.

“I now can understand the keys to success in life” – Lim ThongHeng, Management Accountant, Coca-Cola.

“There’s still a lot more for me to learn from DMI than last time” – Voeung ChanDelice, Manager, Asia Exotic.

“[The training] makes me think they CAN; so CAN I” – Vong Tithya, Administrative Officer, Great Builder.


[rockyou id=134988139&w=426&h=320]


Many of them ended up looking forwards to our Level 2 training. Here comes another chance for you or your friends to benefit from the same training, which is on May 10th.







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