Rich MindSet Intensive – Level 2 DMI Training – June 06-07*

If You Have a Choice to Make, Which One of

The Following is Most Important to Your Life:

Family, Occupation, Recreations, Money, Self-Development

Be it one or all of these,

D.M.I. Presents to you this powerful answer

“Rich MindSet Intensive”

One of Our Entrepreneurship Trainings

Venue: Royal Palace Hotel (#93, St. 217 [Munireth Blvd], Phsar Daem Kor, Phnom Penh)

Date: Saturday and Sunday, June 06th and 07th, 2009 (Two Days)

Prices: US$ 199  per person (Usual Price)

US$ 129 per person (Early Bird Price by Apr. 10th only!)

US$ 199 per couple**(Valid till Apr. 10th only!)

But registration continues till May 24th.

Lunch, Training CD, Pre-and Post-Training Consultancy included.

Money-Back Guarantee: If, after the training, you’re not satisfied with it, we’ll give you back your money (provided you stayed throughout the whole session)!

Information: Please contact Sithen at 012 684 955 / 015 226 602 or or visit or our office #62, St.200, Boeung Raing, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh.


– Mastering the art of being wealthy and/or successful;

– Starting up business with no or little money;

– Creating multiple streams of income;

– Moving up your career ladder fast;

– Empowering your leadership;

– Becoming super performers;

– And much more than expected…!


–          How Disciplines Contribute to Your Success;

–          How to Identify and Maximize Your Strengths and Weaknesses;

–          How to Be Creative and Solve Overwhelming Problems;

–          How to Form an Effective Team;

–          How to Influence and Earn Trust from Your Team;

–          How to Conquer Your Fear and Develop Self-Confidence;

–          How to Motivate Oneself Even Without a Coach;

–          And more…!

Mentor: Mr. Thomas How (Singaporean trainer), with thirty years of business and             marketing experience. He has trained and guided countless participants into   success. Their testimonials are as follows:

” If you never attend the training with DMI, you will never know the SECRETS OF SUCCESS AND RICH MIND. Very recommended for everyone who want to CHANGE their lives.Heng Phan, IT Supervisor, Sciaronni & Associates.

“I now know how to tap into the source of MY INNER POWER, which I’ve never discovered before this training…” Duong Ngoc Thac, Businessman & Inventor, Vietnam.

“I now realize the POWER OF WORDS and TIME and learn how to CONTROL MY FEAR…”Kin ChanMaly, Assistant Finance Manager, Save Cambodia’s Wildlife.
“The training literally TRANSFORMED me into a new person and revealed my SELF-WORTH to me.Yeun Sopheak, Customer Service Officer, PTC
“Before I didn’t COMMUNICATE well with my staff, nor paid ATTENTION to what people say. This training has shown me the right way to DEAL WITH PEOPLE.” Castro Festus Osemeka, CEO, CAO Import & Export

Quote: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”


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