A Crisis in IT

There lived in Nepal a person named Prashanta. Prashanta was very skilled in computers and made a lot of useful software that he used to give to his co-workers for free. His co-workers recognized his skill and used to praise him very highly, but Prashanta never seemed to be affected by their praise and would continue his simple ways.

One day there was a crisis in the IT department. They desperately needed a software for extracting images from their old database and inserting into the new one. All of them suggested Prashanta to make it and he calmly agreed and set about making it. The finished product was very professional looking and worked wonderfully.

Everyone was pleased with the software and highly praised Prashanta, but he remained unaffected by their praise and would calmly thank them. Seeing his nonchalance a friend asked him how he could be so calm and unaffected when even the CEO himself was very pleased and excited about the software. “Don’t you feel proud to have created such a fine piece of software?”, asked his friend.

To his query Prashanta replied, “I am not the doer, I am simply the medium.”

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