5 Questions revealing your upcoming bottom line

Many of us belong to a variety of groups that meet in- person. Benefits are derived in many ways and well worth attending only if the events bring in your most desired results.

Below I have listed questions for you to ponder in terms of the events you personally attend.

1. Do you learn something new each time you attend?

2. Are clients, referrals and/or testimonials coming from your group(s)?

4. Are most of the members advancing as quickly in their buisness as you are in yours?

5. Do you personally feel good every time you walk into a meeting?

Each event should be a learning environment where everyone shares and grows collaboratively.

By honestly answering these questions, you will know whether the groups are well-worth your time and money.

This is no different than examining your current projects to determine if they are helping to achieve your long-term goals.

As an entrepreneur developing business, you most possess an analytical mindset. It is critical to market to the right groups and find targeted prospects whether in-person or online.

by Elinor Stutz

Our upcoming training can also be your networking event worth your while?!


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