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Do you know why people fail? Here are some common reasons:

Lack of courage

Lack of self-confidence

Lack of initiative and creativity

Lack of team building skills

Lack of practical field experience

Low tolerance to pressure or stress

You or your staff have one of these problems or more?! No matter what your problem is, we, at DMI, a new yet unique HR company, propose you the experiential and practical solutions in our motivational trainings.

Founded since 2002, our training academy has been run by experienced Singaporean mentors, facilitated by dynamic Cambodian experts. So far, we have conducted trainings, workshops, seminars with a great deal of recognitions in South-East Asia. DMI seminars have brought about life-changing effects on our participants as we used accelerated learning techniques and neuro-linguistic methodologies. The testimonials we have received from all our participants can be easily verified by their successes thereafter and are captured in this page: Testimonials.

Services Our services are at the moment mainly focused on:

Public Motivational Training, for those who wish to stand out from the crowd in key areas of life – including career, finances, family, relationship, community and work-life balance.

Team Development Training, for companies, NGOs or any institution which care about collective performance and productivity towards common goals.

Customized Training, in Business, Marketing/Sales and more to come soon.

Vision Our short-term vision is to be a leading company specializing in Human Resources services from recruitment to training and recognized throughout South-East Asia. Our long-term vision is to contribute most successful and ethical entrepreneurs to Asia.

Mission To Empower People To Live Life To The Fullest By Understanding And Harnessing Their Inner Powers.

Our mission can be achieved in these stages:

Entrepreneurship: We train people to build up their sense of ownership either in their job or their business;

Wealth Management: We train people to manage their income or profits by saving or investing it in the right portfolio;

Social Responsibility: We train people to contribute to or keep sound relationship with their work team or family and communities at large.

Philosophy The Mind is the Creator of everything. In order to be an entrepreneur, one must have a very positive mindset or attitude about some idea they wants to materialize. Yet without belief, the idea is just abstract and waits to be expressed out. When the belief in an idea is strong enough, one must take ACTION (with our five senses), to create experience within. To wrap up,


Professional Trainers Why DMI???

  • Experiential Training – valuing practical experience more than theoritical courses.
  • NLP – enabling you to make the most of all your senses with our sophisticated tools.
  • Young, yet Dynamic Trainers and Wise Mentor – having gone through the real world of business, training and coaching and changed scores of lives.
  • Practical Follow-up Program – ensuring the quality and change after the training.
  • Professional Customization – complying with your requests and needs.
  • Free e-Lessons – nuturing your daily mental attitude.
  • Continuous Updates – keeping you abreast with our new events for your networking purposes.
  • Promising Recruiting Platform – allowing you to select the candidates with a right attitude from our training (future service).
  • Challenging Opportunities – featuring internships, jobs and businesses (in process).
  • And more than you expected!!!

Are you ready for our Training Challenge(s) now???

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