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Got questions about us and have no time to visit us at our office? Then, this page is really designed for you. See below if we have answered any of your questions:

What stands for DMI?

DMI stands for DreamMakers International. If you have dreams, we can help you achieve them in many experiential and practical ways.

What does DMI specialize in really?

Our specialty is developing human resources based on positive mindset program, reflected through our trainings. If you are an individual, we make your life worth living and your work worth striving for. If you manage a business, we make your people grow and work productively and loyally for your company. Ultimately, we let people unleash their potential, no matter what area of life. We are now expanding our services into other HR-related fields as well. Find out more in About Us.

How (long) has DMI been created?

Founded since 2002, our training academy, DMI, has been run by experienced Singaporean mentors, facilitated by dynamic Asian experts. So far, we have conducted trainings and similar events with a great deal of recognitions in South-East Asia, including Cambodia. Our training methodology is Experiential Education, and our training program, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, both widely used in top motivational trainings.

Our establishment in Cambodia started off mid-2006, when we didn’t officially promote our identity as we’d like pilot it first. Later on, in response to overwhelming requests, we decided to publicize our trainings mid-2007 with a great deal of recognitions from our past customers. Find out more in Portfolio.

Does DMI exist only in Cambodia?

Our headquarter is based in Singapore and now branched into Cambodia and Vietnam. We’re also planning to expand our training operations in other parts of Asia.

What are the benefits of attending DMI trainings?

Mind you, what are the benefits of going to schools or universities?! Education is a must for everybody in this modern society. However, nowadays, if you don’t upgrade yourself or your mindset, you will lose the edge to your competitors. Here’s how our trainings can help you:

Have a clear direction in their life

Increase analytical and communication skills

Increase initiative and drive towards work

Empathize more with organizational policies and colleagues

Appreciate the organization* better

Be more responsible for work and actions

* By organization, here we mean all entities including companies, NGOs, ministries, universities and other institutions.

Additional Benefits:

– Get exposed to real-life concepts & projects

– Enjoy FREE personal consultancy & guidance in work & life by DMI

– Improve (inter)personal skills (public speaking, selling, marketing, advocacy, leadership, teamwork…)

– Build up a network of relationship for potential careers & businesses

And more…

Different people may learn different things from us. So hear what our participants say about us in Testimonials.

How often does DMI conduct trainings?

We conduct our preview trainings every 3 or 4 weeks. The preview training is a prerequisite to our actual training as it gets you to know more about us and our training concepts. The actual trainings will be conducted every three months after all previews are finished.

What subjects does DMI cover in trainings?

Our main subject for the public two-day training is Self-Empowerment, called “Empower Your Life”, considered our Level 1 training, based on over thirty years of experience of our great mentor, Mr. Thomas How. Every year, graduates of this level can have access to our Level 2 training, normally organized at the end of the year. The higher the level, the deeper and stronger the effects!

Meanwhile, we accept to conduct customized trainings for teams of people, especially companies. Unlike public trainings, customers will enjoy more flexibility of contents, time, venue and other factors.

Click here to view all the subjects.

What other services does DMI provide?

Besides training, now we also provide customers with personal, career or corporate consultancy with no charge, both before or after the training (follow-up program)! Enjoy it today with our experienced associates with deep human touch. Our plan to expand our business in other HR-related services is underway.

Who are the trainers working at DMI?

We have Mr. Thomas How (Singaporean) as Chief Facilitator/Trainer; Mr. Sithen Sum as Training Assistant (Cambodian), Mr. Jonas Cheah as Technical Assistant (Singaporean). After some rigorous selection, some graduates of our training (are allowed to) volunteer to work with us occasionally. View our profiles here.

How to register in the training?

Please come over to our office #62, St. 200, Phnom Penh (view the map in Contact Us). If you find it difficult to meet us, call us for appointment so we can meet you at your workplace instead. In the future, we may process online registration as well!

Since most of our events are organized a a certain hotel, we need you to register (and make payment) at least two days before the event date. This will help you make correct arrangements with the hotel!

Why charge so much money?

First of all, our rates are substantially lower than comparable trainings like AAA or VBNK. But we’re certainly aware that many people could neither afford the hundred dollars.

Second, without the high fee, we wouldn’t spend as much as we do on the training itself, with state-of-the-art equipment, lighting and audiovisual, and generous “give-away” souvenirs for graduates. But even after these expenses, the event is still not yet profitable. So the revenues we have left are just enough to sustain our operations for a next event.

Third, the costs to fly down and accommodate our trainer(s) themselves represent a considerable amount for us to cover. That’s why we sometimes mention in our training that we haven’t yet operated our business at its fully commercial scale!

Cutting the price would also impair our ability to fund the business, professionalize it with more sophisticated features, and invest in taking DMI into other developing nations. And it would turn an already long waiting list into one that was unmanageable.

HOWEVER, if any of you really insist on discount or free attendance, make sure you qualify for it by completing some very strict and selective Win-Win criteria of ours. Please contact Sithen, Business Development Manger, for more details.

What is special about DMI?

  • Experiential Training – valuing practical experience more than theoretical courses.
  • NLP – enabling you to make the most of all your senses with our sophisticated tools.
  • Young, yet Dynamic Trainers and Wise Mentor – having gone through the real world of business, training and coaching and changed scores of lives.
  • Practical Follow-up Program – ensuring the quality and change after the training.
  • Professional Customization – complying with your requests and needs.
  • Free e-Lessons – nurturing your daily mental attitude provided you subscribe to our site.
  • Continuous Updates – keeping you abreast with our new events for your networking purposes.
  • Promising Recruiting Platform – allowing you to select the candidates with a right attitude from our training (future service).
  • Challenging Opportunities – featuring internships, jobs and businesses (in process).
  • And more than you expected!!!

How to keep posted about DMI?

If you wish to stay updated about us, please subscribe to us by email by clicking here. Every week, you’ll receive a few e-newsletters from us featuring Coaching Lessons, Inspirational Lessons, Motivational Quotes and Networking Events. Please click on those features to view some examples of our updates. You’ll say: What a productive habit to stay tuned with DMI!

Is DMI an NGO?

Absolutely not. We fully run our operations as a private company. We teach people to make business or at least have business mindset (entrepreneurship). Our principle is “to teach people to fish and not to give them fish.” That being said, one of our missions is Social Responsibility! We strongly believe if an individual changes the way they think, they can change the way they live. Once they improve themselves, they’re more likely to positively influence their fellows around them.

Is DMI a religious sect?

Although there are similarities of our training methodology and program between ours and those of other religious sects, we belong to no religious affiliation. In this sense, we are neither against any religious or spiritual principle. In contrast, we encourage people to have faith in themselves and Whoever they respect.

How to Work with DMI?

Are you self-motivated, challenge-friendly, and willing to learn? Just submit your CV to Your experience with us will expose you to better opportunities in life and work. Please go to Careers to learn about vacant full-time positions. Priorities will be given to graduates of our trainings.

Also,  only graduates are welcome to volunteer or work part-time with us.

If you have questions other than those answered above, please feel free to contact us by writing your questions in the text below and remember to mention your name, email address, phone number therein as well! Next, click Submit. We’ll be more than happy to answer your inquiries.

Or visit our office located at # 62, St. 200, Phnom Penh. To better locate us, please view the map in Contact Us.


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