“The Secrets of the Rich (1): Quality Training for Quality People”


“Very long ago, there was a little boy who was looking for ways and means to feed himself as he didn’t want to cause more burden to his widow mother of 8 children. While noticing an old man selling doorbells from house to house, he thought he could do the same and even make it better…” That was how our new training was started… This story was inspiring enough to make our participants believe that everything is possible and all it takes is our burning desire and strong self-belief. The truth is that little boy is Mr. Thomas How, our trainer himself!


Exposed to many eye-opening secrets, our participants from working-class people to businesspeople evaluate our last training as such:


“Great thanks, DMI, for existing in Cambodia” – Sman Manan, General Manager, CityCat.

“I’ve learned priceless strategies to ‘kill’ my procastination” – Chan Sitthear, Dean of English Department, IIC.

“I used to think, to start business, we need money. But, from the training, I admit that business starts with our mind” – Kao Sokdeth, Project Assistant, COSECOM.

“The training showed me valuable keys to personal and business development” – Vong Visith, Director, Great Builder.

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Many of them ended up looking forwards to our Level 2 training. Here comes another chance for you to benefit from the same training, which is on March 08th. Make sure you stay tuned to our web site and enjoy our Valentine’s promotion!

DMI Graduates New Year Party 2009: Coming Back Home…

While New Year countdown is excitingly getting started, we, at DMI, had the honor to gather our graduates at the same place and time last Sunday at PizzaWorld Kampuchea Krom Boulevard. Apart from getting to know each other, the party was marked with enthusiastic sharings of all graduates.

“I’ve become very confident to get a job” – Khat Sophea, GMIT, Cambodia Breverage.

“I can control my fear to speak in front of people now” – Soeur Seyha, IT Manager, Inter Mohosot.

“Although I attended DMI training for the second time, I’ve still learned many valuable lessons for my career” – Tuot Sopheak, Secretary Trainer, PSE.

“DMI trainings work like magic to my life: I dared to start up my business without money” – Tiv Chandeth, Businesswoman, IP.

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And many more powerful testimonials keep flowing on that memorable day. We also found our DreamMakers of the year, who have contributed the most to our trainings within 2008: Udom and Vanna. To spice up the event, Mr. Thomas How even shared with all attendees a portion of “The Secrets of the Rich”. Mary Bird, our youngest graduate, kindly showed her most electrifying performances! And at the end of the event, everybody realized that it was MORE THAN A PARTY!

Stay tuned for our upcoming party on April 2009.

*At the end of the event, everybody was offered a powerful New Year’s gift – either one motivational book “The Secrets of the Millionaire”* or one inspirational audio CD “Seven Steps to Financial Freedom”*. These materials are now available for sale at DMI. Please contact Sithen (012 684 955 or 015 226 602) to get a copy to kick-start your New Year right!

A New Series of DMI Training from 2009 on

To celebrate the New Year 2009, DMI is planning to launch its new series of intensive experiential trainings with many exciting benefits, especially for customers like you! A lot to do with Wealth Management, which is a second part of our mission.

Stay tuned for more updates…

DMI with Social Responsibility

Since social responsibility is part of our business mission and, of course, my personal principles, I purposely took part last weekend in a youth event organized by OYG. This is the name of a group of dynamic young Cambodian people who strive to contribute to society. (For more information about this group, please visit

It’s one thing to visit Sihanukville for fun. But it’s another great experience to live it for a societal purpose: environment protection. This sea city attracts quite a number of local and foreign tourists, relatively to Siem Reap. However, OYG’s concern is that most of us are not aware of the impact caused by irresponsible acts like water, noise, soil and air pollution. My team of 25 people, out of total 130 participants, dealt with water pollution. To put our discussion and findings into practice, we launched a group campaign at O’chheu Teal Beach by collecting trash we found ashore. Sounds a bit silly and simple, right? Yet, we believe that ‘this little thing will make a big difference’ to our natural heritage. The same holds true to our attitude in life!

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“Empower Your Mind (2): The Sought-After Training

On Sunday, 19 October 2008, close to 100 people from 30 companies, professional, corporate, sales/marketing, management & HR/Admin staff had their ‘minds’ opened to the ‘secrets’ of how to power up themselves in life, career and business.

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Many of them gave 100% marks declaring that ‘they’re awakened from slumber land’ with such exclamations:

“…Overjoyed to be re-trained by DMI” – Duong Rem, National Sales Manager.

“A very impressive training” – Chhoy Chhorvuth, Sales & Marketing Manager.

“…Changed me to the best point I want to be” – Hak NearyPhal, Deputy Country Director.

“…Helped me to improve my institution’s working environment” – Pauv Ampor, Administrator.

“…Best for me to develop my mind” – Soeur Seyha, Assistant to GM.

Many of them ended up registering in our upcoming actual training on November 22nd and 23rd. What about you or your friends?

“Empower Your Mind (1): Such an Eye Opener”

Do you believe that we cannot succeed without support of other people? This is what one of our participant expressed whole-heartedly during our last six-hour training on September 14th. It’s also the characteristic of this course: networking and opening doors of opportunities!

Apart from individual participation, we welcome professionals and businesspeople from such industries as trading, winery, technology, real estate. Below are some of the feedbacks we collected from our participants.

“The best, compared to any University subject I’ve learnt” – Bun Phearith, Real Estate Agent.

“The training helps me to grow my business” – Castro F. Osemeka, (Nigerian) CEO.

“Excellent! Wish the session took longer” – Kong Kunthearith, Sales Manager.

“Great chance for me to expand my business network” – Leng Kerry, Quality Supervisor.

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Many of them ended up registering in our upcoming actual training on November 22nd and 23rd. What about you?

“Empower Your Life” – Cohort 3: exhilarating and self-revealing event

Once upon a time, there was a training that turned many people into super-people. Sounds silly right? No, they are still human beings, but the difference was that they have become equipped with a new mindset and extraordinary determination. You don’t believe this? Hear what they said here:

“The training was so exciting that I don’t know how to find the right words to describe how valuable and priceless it is… And everyone MUST ATTEND THIS COURSE!” – Helen, Manager, Moly Care

“I think the traininig can ingrain the new mindset in me. It’s UNBELIEVABLE. I expected the same DMI training I once attended, but actually, it’s definitely a NEW EXPERIENCE I’ve never met. I appreciate myself who found DMI…” – Sopheak, Trainer, CFI

“…I need more trainings from DMI so please let me know when you conduct the next course.” – My, Director, Int’l Dental Clinic

“The training changed my entire life… Now I realize that TOMORROW NEVER COMES: I GO TO IT… I should have met Thomas earlier” – Bandol, Lecturer, RULE

“It instills in stronger commitment and a new hope I’ve never had before… I’m going to use DMI lessons to direct my children…” – Theavy, Accountant, AAP

And look what they’ve done here:

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When is your turn to EMPOWER YOUR LIFE? Now or never? Please stay tuned with us for our upcoming events.


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