Success Stories

This pages is about people who have gone through our trainings so far, especially those who already attended our two-day trainings. Here they’re sharing with you how their experience with DMI has changed their lives until now. Stay aboard  with us and get inspired!

Tiv Chandeth

28, Businesswoman

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I remember meeting DMI last year. At that time, I was quite a skeptical about the training as I’d been burned with motivational books already! I even found the price DMI charged me very expensive. Then, curious to know how they dared to charge me that amount, I decided to take a chance.

Out of my amazement, after the training, I found myself completely different in terms of thoughts and actions. Before, I just thought I could run this or that business, but never dared to do it! But DMI has pushed me through and I’m now convinced we can start a business without money. The fact is that now I’ve been running my own printing house as I dreamed for six years. Later on, I even sent my husband and my sisters to the trainings. Thanks DMI for changing my entire family’s life!

Rasy and Chandeth

Rasy (left) and Chandeth

Mok Rasy

32, Businessman

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Back several years ago, I was trained in Sweden on my job. When my wife, Chandeth, introduced me to DMI, I thought I’d learn the same things! But I was wrong…

After the training, I quitted my job without hesitation and decided to run my dream business with my wife. As she said, we started from scratch. All my friends and colleagues couldn’t believe how a little guy like me has changed in so short a time. But the truth is that I’m already expanding my business into more branches. Today I’m so overloaded with my clients and orders; yet, I still afford the quality time for my family and leisure.

Just one word: It takes courage and audacity to get what you want!

Collected on December 28th, 2008

Duong Rem

27, National Sales Manager


I used to work for companies and NGOs for seven years. I remember being then not brave, nor confident, nor so determined to change the living standard of my family. I had no much hope in life and feared failures. To sum up, I was a living body with dead soul having no idea of what my real needs in life are.

Duong Rem

Duong Rem

But, at this time, I am different from before because what I never expected to have now belongs to me. Especially, I daresay I succeed in my business. What has made me who I am today is my decision to attend a very powerful training conducted by DMI two years ago. Therefore, I am so grateful for DMI that helps change my life. And I request this team to succeed in transforming as many lives as possible.

Collected on October 27th, 2008

Sar Udom

27, Sales & Marketing Executive

Sar Udom

Sar Udom


It has been 5 months since I attended “Empower Your Life”. For these 5 months, I have been sometimes frustrated and felt disappointed with myself when I could not meet my goals. I wanted to change my job many times, but I did not. It was because of the follow-up system from DMI that help me to focus on my goal and push me hard to explore my potential. So far, I’ve learned to see the opportunity from every person, to be more open to each person I met, to see positive things. Importantly, the DMI training helps me to remember my goal, my vision, and I will get those.

I am now on the way to my vision. I am a General Manager in 2009. I dare to tell everyone what I want to be.

Collected on June 08th, 2008

Tuot Sopheak

24, Trainer

Community Forestry International (CFI)

Tuot Sopheak

Tuot Sopheak

It was in 2006 that I attended the DMI training. Until now, I’ve found myself being changed. I don’t know how to explain this feeling to you about this empowering training. But I know it is true! And I would like to share some success experiences since I was done with the DMI course.

First, I would like to tell you that only DMI provided me with the ability to dream. It wakes me up mentally and emotionally. So I start planning to achieve my dream and develop attributes inside me that will help me along.

Second, I would like to deeply thank DMI trainers who have tried so hard to show me WHO I AM. Otherwise, for the last two years, I couldn’t have found WHO I AM for today.

Collected on June 24th, 2008

More stories are now being collected. For more feedback about our trainings or services, please go to Testimonials.


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