” If people never attend the training with DMI, they will never know the SECRETS OF SUCCESS AND RICH MIND. …Very recommended for everyone who want to CHANGE their lives.” – Heng Phan, IT Supervisor, Sciaronni & Associates.

“I now know how to tap into the source of MY INNER POWER, which I’ve never discovered before this training…” – Duong Ngoc Thac, Businessman & Inventor, Vietnam.

“The training literally TRANSFORMED me into a new person… and revealed my SELF-WORTH to me.” – Yeun Sopheak, Customer Service Officer, PTC

“Before I didn’t COMMUNICATE well with my staff, nor paid ATTENTION to what people say. This training has shown me the right way to DEAL WITH PEOPLE.” – Castro Festus Osemeka, CEO, CAO Import & Export

“Valuable and priceless training…” Ith Helen, Manager.

“The training has changed my entire life.”Teav Bandol, Lecturer.

“This training helps me greatly with my business.” Khot My, Director.

“What I learned and got from DMI far exceeds what I’d paid.” – Sopheak, Aspiring Lawyer

“DMI has strengthened my faith.” – Manan, General Manager

“I’ve learned so much from DMI, especially time management and persistence.” – Ottie (Papua New Guinean), Nurse

“After the training, public speaking is no longer my handicap.” – Vanna, Teaching Assistant

“I’ve discovered a great deal of success formulas at DMI.” – Pisey, Project Coordinator

“Full of memory of my previous reading, I didn’t think I would learn a single new thing from the class. But you have proved me wrong: I have learnt.”- Tea Chamroeun, Translator

“’Empower Your Life’ is a training which everybody must attend.”- Kong Hoeng, Tour Manager

“I would strongly recommend this training to my family, friends and, most importantly, all my colleagues.” – Huot Sunny, HR & Administration Manager

“I’m taking this training as a powerful wake-up call for me.” – Joyce Ira Y. David (Filipino), Head of Promotions & Events

“Over all, (the training was) very solid and professional. We appreciate all your efforts.” – Robert Kolesar (American), Project Director

“All your processes were for me very difficult to conduct. But YOU DID IT with very much effort and sound organization. Thanks.” – Chum Sophal, Head of Administration

“I’d like to attend the PMP again in the future because it has changed my ways of thinking, feeling… That is, I become a better person.” – Thok Yarak, Field Officer

“During the DMI training, I learnt a lot of things: communication skill, mindset change… It really helps me with my career.” – Meng Srun, Market Intimacy Manger

“I know myself clearly and also become someone who (dared to) ask my boss for a high raise because of DMI.” – Suon Veasna, Businesswoman

“DMI helps me a lot in terms of experience and mindset. Now I have a strong mindset. I know the way to achieve my dreams.” – Oeng GichSim, Secreatary

“Because of DMI trainings, I changed myself 100%! I passed the job interview everywhere I applied.” – Ly Solyda, Teller

“DMI is everything for me. My life can change thanks to DMI.” – On SokHeang, Advertising Consultant

“DMI Training was UNBELIEVABLE to me. I think everybody must attend it once in their lifetime.” – Sum Sam Ol, Radio Producer

“I can now control my fear.” – Van Binh, Lecturer of English

“DMI teaches me what “LOVE” really means.” – Bao Chau, Corporate Trainer

This list of testimonials can continue… until YOUR OWN FEEDBACK about our training! So join us now for your better life.


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  1. […] Event Date: Sunday, June 08th, 2008, from 01 pm to 07h pm (Six Hours) Speaker: Mr. Thomas How (Singaporean Experienced Business Mentor) Organizer: DMI Ltd (Singapore-based HRD Company) Venue: Royal Palace Hotel (near Phsar Daem Kor Market), Phnom Penh Participants: Students, Job Seekers, Professionals, Corporate Staff, Businesspeople Admission: Actual Price: US$ 50.00 per person Special Price: US$ 25.00 per person (including snacks). Seats are limited! Registration: Please contact 012 684 955 or dmihrd@gmail.com. For more information, please visit http://www.sithendmi.wordpress.com or our office, #62, St.200, Phnom Penh. Deadline for registration: June 06th, 2008. “The training has waken me up from a long sleep” – Sophat, Senior Sales Executive. “The training has re-affirmed WHO I AM really” – Samneang, University Student. “If only I had known DMI years ago…” – Vanna, Teaching Assistant. Wanna know what other people say about us, please go to our Testimonials. […]

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