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DMI training is an intensive workshop designed for those who aspire to succeed in their business, career and life, either individually or as a team. This concept results from over thirty years of  practical experience of our great mentor, Mr. Thomas How, in many business fields, especially training. If the conventional education system focuses on IQ (Intelligent Quotient), ours aims at developing EQ (Emotional Quotient), which people need in self-empowerment and interaction with their fellows.

Each course conducted requires trainees involved in most of our training, rather than simply sitting and noting down the lectures. At DMI, we teach people how to use all their senses to feel a difference in them. Our job is thus to make sure that each trainee comes out as a better child, spouse, student, employee or businessperson while caring about their surrounding.

* “Empower Your Life” is another powerful version of PMP, specially set up for the upcoming public training.


Experiential Education, in which we will put participants in real-life situations so the effects will be ingrained in their head and heart. They will go through our tailor-made processes, from which they will learn more about themselves and develop these at their advantage, even after the event. Unlike other trainings, ours is accompanied with an optional, yet special follow-up program for quality control.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – a most recent program that focuses on media effects and that get participants ready for inspiration, motivation and action ( even for the long run), with optimization of their senses. They will use their eyes, ears, mouth, body and heart in many challenging, yet educational ways, either indoor and/or outdoor.


Below is the usual course outline of our unique two-day** program.

I. Discovering your Weaknesses and Strengths

II. Making your Goals and Vision Practical and Achievable

III. Adapting Yourself to Different Environments

IV. Being Creative and Effective at Work

V. How to Trust People and Win Their Cooperation

VI. Stirring up Your Self-Confidence and “Breaking Fear”

VII. Making Sincere Appreciation of other People

* These contents are subject to change according to your specific needs. For the contents of the upcoming trainings, please click here.

**The duration can be customized based on your request and discussion.


After this series of processes, participants will get the benefits below:

Have a clear direction in their life

Increase analytical and communication skills

Increase initiative and drive towards their work

Empathize more with organizational policies and colleagues

Appreciate the organization* better

Be more responsible for his or her work and actions

And more…

* By organization, here we mean all entities including companies, NGOs, ministries, universities and other institutions.

Additional Benefits:

– Get exposed to real-life concepts & projects

– Enjoy FREE personal consultancy & guidance in work & life by DMI (on appointments or online)

– Improve (inter)personal skills (public speaking, selling, marketing, advocacy, leadership, teamwork)

– Build up a network of relationship for potential careers & businesses

And more…


Customized: US$ 6,000 (Six Thousands Dollars) per group of 15 to 50 participants. This package/customized training is suitable for one whole working team in any business, organization and other institution. This rate applies only to a two-day fast track.

Public: US$ 199 (One Hundred Ninety Nine Dollars) per person for 15 to 100 participants only. This public training is suitable for those who want to stands out from the crowd in life and career. This rate applies only to Level 2 (two-day trainings).

If you wish to “check” first how our training can help you, you’re strongly recommended to attend our one-day trainings, (Level 1), conducted once or twice a month. This session, costing you less than a hundred dollars, will expose you better to us and reveal if our training really suits your needs. Please contact us NOW to get a special price for our upcoming training.


* Team Development Training fees are exclusive of venue costs. Different rates apply if the number of participants exceeds 50 per group and the number of days exceeds two full days.

* Different rates apply to Self-Development Training if the number of days exceeds that of Level I.

* Prices mentioned herein are subject to changes without prior notice.


All Customized Trainings will be conducted on an ad-hoc basis. You can have us conduct the training either at your place or another venue at your own costs.

For Public Trainings, we will inform you of the exact date and venue according to a certain fixation of ours. They are usually held at an academic institution or a hotel.


Currently the DMI training is being held on a project basis. So the training date and time can be customized with the team’s requests. You are required to confirm their training date at latest four weeks before the very event. For example, if you need us to conduct the training on April 29th and 30th, 20XX, confirmation should be made at latest on March 31st, 20XX. Following our training need assessment, a proper training schedule and contents will be then finalized and submitted to you upon agreement. Three subsequent follow-ups will be made respectively one week, one month and three months, after the training.

Public Trainings will be conducted at a given date and venue that will be announced later. A special follow-up program will be made for the next three weeks after the training. You will be involved in an Entrepreneurship Challenge, in which you learn to put your knowledge into action.

A follow-up program is advisable in order to ensure and control the quality of the training and, of course, the change in you and/your staff.

We reserve the rights to delay the public training if the number of participants does not meet our requirement or any professional reason.


Although the core language of our training is English, we can accommodate you with translation in Khmer for Cambodian participants. Even though our English-speaking trainers come up, there will be subsequent translation in Khmer. We can also conduct the whole event in Khmer. This will be done by our facilitators or professional translators.

So no matter what your qualifications are, we assure the same impact to everybody.



This overview describes you only usual and briefed guidelines in our training. DMI reserves the rights to modification if need be.


All details are here to guide and inform you of everything about us

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