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This year, we launch a new series of trainings, called “Rich Mind Series”. Our Level 1 or one-day training is named “The Secrets of The Rich”, conducted every month.

Our two-day or Level 2 training – Rich Minset Intensive – is conducted quarterly or every three months. That is, we conduct this only after two subsequent courses of Level 1.

Please click here to view the Comprehensive Training Subjects we can cover for 2009: training_subjects_dmi-2009

NB: These program durations and times are subject to change according to your specific needs or very situations. For professional reasons, every subject can be conducted with from 15 to 100 people only. We reserve rights to delay the training date in case there are not as many participants as required.

We can also combine and customize various subjects in only one program! And we’re open to more discussions and negotiation with you.

* Public Self-Development Training: Best for individual people who want to stand out from the crowd in career, business and life (students, job applicants, staff and management, businesspeople).

* Customized Team Development Training: Best for companies, NGOs, associations, ministries and other institutions.

* Customized Managerial Performance Enhancement: Best for supervisors, managers, directors or those who hold responsibilities and make decisions in an organization’s operations. This subject is customized to respond to the overwhelming demand of business owners and managers themselves.

* Very soon, we’ll be conducting such specialized trainings as Business, Marketing/Sales, Real Estate, E-Commerce and other business-related subjects. All is experiential (real experience-focused) with select few theories!!!

All our subjects are sources of inspiration and success.

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