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Thomas How Kim Guan, Singapore, 54

Founding Director/Main Trainer/Mentor

With more than 30 years of marketing expertise and training under his belt, Mr. Thomas How has worked in top positions in the advertising and shipping sectors. He currently is senior advisor and MD of his own international training academy, DMI Ltd, which has its training circuit covering all over S.E. Asia. As Mr. How quoted, “The most important asset of every company is her people. If we can help the people see their future with the company, the company’s prosperity will be ensured”.

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Our Media & Creative Director

Jonas Cheah, Singapore, 28

Media & Creative Director/Trainer

If you get excited and inspired with our training program, please think about Jonas, our only Media Director. He never ceases to find ways and means to spark up people’s lives with his deep intelligence and insight of the audiovisual world. His candor and integrity are the hallmarks which very few could possess!


Sum Sithen, Cambodia, 26

Business Development Manager/Trainer – Cambodia

With great exposure to Europe and S.E. Asia, Sithen’s burning desire as a trainer is to send a message of positive change to the crowds, especially his Cambodian fellows. His creativity and resoluteness help him relentlessly run and coordinate our challenging HR business. His life motto is from Helen Keller: “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.”
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Trieu Vu, Vietnam, 25

Business Development Manger/Trainer – Vietnam

Vu’s sense of ownership and initiative enable him to take charge of all the operations of our Vietnam branch. You will be amazed with the sacrifices and humility of this caring ex- mechanic engineer. Yet, he’s a great believer, even in “spirits”!

Our training crew also includes a dozen of freelance professional trainers with remarkable experience and now working in high corporate positions in Cambodia and elsewhere in S.E. Asia. All of them have gone through overseas trainings, our DMI trainings and even conducted these events themselves regionally.

We work as a team with one common vision…
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